How we began.​

Working in the print industry since 2008 and seeing companies overpay for print time and time again has led to The Open Book being written.​

The Open Book is not about high-profit margins, hidden costs, or the typical ‘bring them in low and hike the prices up’ approach, seen so often within the print industry. ​

And we are exactly that, open. We strive for fair, honest and transparent costing in the print world and we deliver those directly to our customers. ​

Having worked directly for printers, with print management companies and on-site with print clients, we’ve seen the print industry from all angles. We’ve seen all the good and the not-so-good sides for the customer and the printer, and we aim to bring all things good to The Open Book. ​

And what about the people behind it? We like to think we are super friendly, approachable and have a great sense of humour. Not to mention Marley the Jack Russell, who mans our workspace and will no doubt introduce himself on one of our calls together. ​


​Our mission.​

To drive change in the print industry by bringing more open, fair and transparent prints costs to the customer. ​

The Open Book values.​

Delivering open and honest print costs. ​

Our transparent prices allow you to see real-time market pricing.​

First-class service.​

We promise to treat you as the individuals that you are. Customers will always be at the core of everything we do.​

​Supporting your local businesses.​

We strive to connect you with your local printing community to support your local economy and help reduce your carbon footprint.​

​Giving back. ​

We promise to give 5% of yearly profits back to customers’ local communities.​

Going the extra mile. ​

We don’t believe in empty sales promises and will always strive to exceed expectations. ​